Thankyou to our clients for buying our beautiful wool.  

Liberton Corriedales have available throughout the year their natural spun premium quality 300 grm /approx.12 oz skeins priced @ $45.00 a skein and 250 grm/approx 8oz  skeins priced @ $30.00 a skein.

Comments from our clients that have tried our skeins for the first time have remarked how wonderful the wool is and and how beautifully soft the garments have knitted or woven. It is no wonder knitters rush to buy them. Our Corriedale wool comes from superior fleeces making it very adaptable for spinning and knitting.

Our fleeces are grown from our own Corriedale sheep and have been especially selected for their beautiful style, character and spinning qualities. These spinning fleeces have been grown on natural pastures. This enhances their character, softness and attractiveness to you the purchaser of these skeins. They are ready for dying and can be knitted into sweaters, rugs scarves etc. The fleece photographed was outstanding, taking all Championships over all breeds at both the Royal Melbourne Show, Victoria Australia and Royal Geelong Show, Victoria Australia.

 Our scarves are knitted in rib which required 64 stitches, knitting 2 plain 2 purl. This can vary in length depending on style and the amount of wool used can be 3 -5 (2ounces balls of  wool) to finish the scarf...


Please search our website to learn of the history of ‘Liberton Corriedales’ Our stud was founded  in 1927  Flock Number 113 and we have enjoyed fantastic success ever since. Jim’s mother would many times spin our Corriedale fleeces and make them into jumpers which won prizes at the Australian Sheep and Woolcraft Show and the Royal Melbourne Show.

Our fleeces continue to win Championships each year and many times take our the best Spinning fleece and most successful exhibitor

 Wayne Lee shearing P-10-00    











Our Grand Champion Fleece of All Breeds at Melbourne Royal