1990    ASBA    World Conference  Melbourne Victoria Australia

  "Liberton Corriedales" returns to the show ring and is the overall winner of the National Production Class 164

Congratulations Jethro

  Jethro won the ‘Judy Hill” trophy for the first section, (in the wool)

‘Coora’ trophy for the second section, Fleece(the fleece is objectively measured for weight, micron, yield and fibre distribution. The commercial value of the fleece is now assessed with the assistance of the above information. the points in this section a re awarded purely on the commercial value of the wool produced by the sheep.

 Fourth in the ‘Koonongal’ trophy, (shorn animal weighed, it’s body length measured and the muscle and fat depth and distribution assessed in order that the judge may assess the animal that will produce the type of carcass that the meat trade now requires thus winning the ‘Valbazen’ and ‘The Tool Centre’ aggregate trophies.

The class should be of particular interest to the commercial producer, as the judge has the added assistance of a number of objective measurements, including micron, yield, fibre distribution, AWC wool type, body length, body depth, fat depth and many other technical features. These measurements are recorded on computer for exhibitors and on lookers to see whilst judging is in progress.

  At Geelong Show ‘Liberton Corriedales won first prize for the Ewe/Wether Fleece and second in the Ram Fleece.

1991                                     ASBA   Melbourne

‘Liberton Corriedales’ gained second and third respectively in Class 164 (the above production class) At this show specialised knitting yarn manufacturer, Peter Sporle, Meskills Woolstore, Kyneton Vic., told a special meeting of Corriedale breeders during the show that 27 micron wool with a low co-efficient of variation of micron and staple length could perform as well in the marketplace as ordinary wools in the finer micron range.” “Given that we are prepared to pay up to 22% more for these measured wools that puts them in the premium price bracket” and also were honoured with

Reserve Junior Champion Ewe.

First in the Shorn Ram and Shorn Ewe under 1 1/2 years

One point off being most successful exhibitor at the show.

Later in September at the Elder’s Wool Sales our stud gained the highest price  (734 cents) in the comeback section and was presented with a certificate of recognition.

  1992                    Hamilton Sheepvention

                                            Best Shorn Ewe - (Gubbins Trophy)

  1993                    Geelong

Geelong Agricultural and Pastoral Society -Ewe Production

A ‘first’ for Geelong Show and the Corriedale breed in Australia.

We entered two Corriedale Ewes and overall gained First and Fourth in this event.

 In the National Ram Trial held in South Australia one of our rams gained 4th. in the wool section


1994                St. George Royal Show (formerly Melbourne Royal)

                        Champion Fleece Ewe/Wether         

                        Elder’s Wool Certificate for Highest Priced clip.

L.Schmitt-Riverina Wool Manager Elder’s Ltd Victoria

“We have much pleasure in advising that your line of wool recorded the highest price in this respective section of the catalogue. This achievement is a tribute to your care in breeding and the preparation of your clip. Congratulations on this occasion and we trust that you will meet with similar success in future years”

1995               Hamilton Sheepvention/ASBA.

                                                                                                                  Huggy -  Overall Winner of Ram Production Class

Congratulations Huggy

Overall Aggregate Winner of A.S.B.A./Hamilton Production Classes winning the “Meskills” Trophy which included the processing of-a bale of wool into Yarn.

  St. Georges Royal Show - Melbourne our Ram Fleece won the coveted J.F.Guthrie Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the most valuable fleece.

1996                         Hamilton Sheepvention

                                                                                                            Champion un-housed Ewe - Woolamenia with her twins.

Famous for all the promotion she did with the children in creating a 4 klm woollen scarf which made over 400 woollen rugs and many ponchos. Wool became a natural woollen fibre to all those who met her. Over five years Woolamenia particiapated in the World Wide Global Project - Children of the World Longest Handknitted Scarf.

                        Reserve Champion Shorn Ewe

                        4th Ram Production Class

  1997                  ASBA  Melbourne Sheep and Wool Show

                        2nd in the National Trial Ewe . Our ewes most fertile.

                        ( Ewes run in paddock conditions for 10 months from October 1996- July 1997)

                        Roy Baker Trophy for the Champion Shorn Sheep.

                        Goxhill Perpetual Trophy -

                        Most Successful Exhibitor in the Corriedale Shorn Classes

                                    Hamilton Sheepvention

                                            Best Shorn Ewe - (Gubbins Trophy)

                                   Geelong Show

                                        Best Corriedale Ewe/Wether Fleece

  1998         ASBA  Melbourne Sheep and Wool Show

                            Most successful shorn sheep exhibitor. Our 7 sheep excelled in all classes.

                   Hamilton Sheepvention

                            1st Milk tooth ram

                            Champion Shorn Ewe

                            Champion Un-housed Ewe

                            Most successful un-housed exhibitor

                            Geelong Show  

        Ram Fleece won the Guy Wettenhall Trophy.

We were then absolutely delighted when we were awarded the A.N.Z. trophy for the ‘Champion Fleece of the Show’

1999                 ASBA    Melbourne Sheep and Wool Show

                                    4th 2 year old ewe in the wool

                                    4th Milk tooth ewe in the wool

                                    4th 2 year old ram in the wool

                                    2nd Aged ewe with lamb at foot (Twins)

                                    1st 1 year old shorn ram

                                    2nd Pair of 1 year old rams.

                 2nd 1 year old ewe.

                  Hamilton Sheepvention.

                                3rd 2 year old ram

                                2nd 2 year old ewe in the wool

                                2nd milk tooth ewe.

                                Royal Melbourne Show        

                               Champion Corriedale Ewe/Wether Fleece


2000            ASBA Bendigo

                        1st Milk tooth ewe                     

                        3rd Milk tooth ram

                    Hamilton Sheepvention

                        1st Milk tooth ram

                        1st Milk tooth ewe

                        2nd under 1 1/2 ewe and

                    Reserve Champion Junior Ewe

                     1st Milk tooth ewe  ASBA   


2001                 ASBA Bendigo

                            1st  under 1 ½ ewe

                            2nd Milk tooth ewe

                            Reserve Junior Champion Ewe

                        Hamilton Sheepvention

                        1st Milk Tooth Ewe

                        2nd under 1 ½  Ewe                     

                        Champion and Reserve Junior Ewe

                        Melbourne Royal

                        1st Corriedale Ram Fleece and Champion.

                        J.F.Guthrie Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the most valuable fleece.

                        Geelong Show

                       1st Corriedale Ram Fleece

                       ANZ Trophy for Champion Fleece of the Show