2004              ASBA Bendigo            Liberton Corriedales        

Junior Champion Ram            Grand Champion Ram

1st Milk tooth ram

1st under 1 1/2 ram

1st 2 year old ram 50's -54's

2nd Victorian Pair of rams.

1st Milk tooth ewe

3rd under 1 1/2 ewe

2nd 2 year old ewe

2nd in Ken Smith Progeny group

1st Best Corriedale Group

Champion Corriedale  Fleece

2004     Sheepvention Sheep and Wool Show Hamilton

Junior Champion Ram     

1st Milk tooth ram

Reserve Junior Champion Ram          1st under 1 1/2 ram

2nd and 3rd in Two year old ram 50's 54's

Junior Champion -    1st   1  1/2  ewe

2nd  Milk tooth ewe

2nd Two year old ewe 50's 54's

1st Two year old  ewe 56's 58's

1st Best Corriedale Group



Melbourne Royal

1st Corriedale Ram Fleece

Champion Corriedale Fleece

Winner of the JF Guthrie Perpetual Trophy for the most valuable Corriedale Fleece

Best Fleece other than Merino.

Geelong Show

Supreme Champion Corriedale

Champion Corriedale Ram

Reserve Champion Corriedale Ram

Champion Corriedale Fleece

ANZ Champion Fleece of the Show

1st and 2nd in the Corriedale Ram Fleece.

1st Corriedale Ewe Feece

Ram under 1 in the wool: 1st Liberton 

Ram under 1 years:   1st Liberton   2nd Liberton  

Ewe over 1 :    2nd Liberton   3rd Liberton

Ewe under 1 years:  2nd Liberton   3rd Liberton

Group of 1 ram and 2 ewes under 1 :  1st Liberton   


Pictured below is our group which won the Best Group of Corriedales

 at Bendigo ASBA and Hamilton Sheepvention.