Liberton Corriedales


History of the Stud

The stud was established in 1927 by Mr. W.R. Venters and his sons Robert and Stewart at "Dalkeith" Stonehaven. The foundation stock consisted of purchases of ewes from the studs of J.G. Guthrie, Bulgandra N.S.W. -E.F. Millar, The Rock, N.S.W. and Estate of T.C.Ellis, Mt. Gambier, S.A. Rams were obtained from the studs of J.F.Guthrie and J.R. Moodie, Hamilton, Vic. together with the ram "Moeraki 1V" bred by the N.Z. & Aust. Land Co. New Zealand. The stud showed with considerable success until in the mid 1930’s, as the most successful exhibitor at the annual A.S.B.A. show, they retired from showing. In 1958 the stud was divided equally between Mr. Robert Venters at Dalkeith and Mr. Stewart Venters at Springdale and hence was run as two separate flocks until 1973. The "Liberton" Stud was formed at this time and recombined both complete flocks known as "Liberton Corriedales" run by Stewart’s son, Jim Venters.


El criadero fué establecido en el año 1927, por el señor W.R.Venters y sus hijos Robert y Stewart en ‘‘Dalkeith’’Stonehaven. La fundación del ganado consistió en la compra de ovejas del criadero de J.F.Guthrie, Bulgandra N.S.W. -E.F.Millar, The Rock, N.S.W. y el Estado de T.C.Ellis, Mt Gambier en Australia del sur. Los carneros fueron obtenidos de los criaderos de J.F. Guthrie y J.R. Moodie, Hamilton, Victoria. Junto con los carneros “Moeraki 1V” criados por la Corporación de tierras de Nueva Zelandia y Australia. En Nueva Zelandia, el criadero tuvo un éxito considerable, hasta mediados del año 1930, como el más exitoso exponente en la exposición anual A.S.B.A. ellos dejaron de exhibir. En 1958 el criadero fué dividido en partes iguales, entre el señor Robert Venters en Dalkeith y el señor Stewart Venters en Springdale, y por lo tanto funcionaron en dos rebaños separados, hasta 1973. El criadero “Liberton” se formó esta vez, combinando completamente los dos rebaños conocidos como “Liberton Corriedales” administrado por el hijo de Steward, Jim Venters.

Introduction of Outside Blood Lines

The introduction of other Corriedale bloodlines have occurred at various times. The careful integration of these outside bloodlines takes a number of generations and quite some time. Full integration of a bloodline only takes place when significant gains can be achieved. Below is a list of bloodlines that have been assessed and incorporated in more recent years.

1965 Ram from ‘Neyliona’ N.S.W.

1972 Purchase of ‘Dalkeith’ Stud Vic.

1978 Ram from ‘Taranaki’ Tas.

1986 Six ewes from ‘Stanbury’ Vic.

1993 Six ewes from ‘Stanbury’ Vic.

1993 Ram from ‘Streanshalh’ Tas.

1994 Two ewes from ‘Maluka’ S.A.

                                                            1994 Ram from ‘Golden Grove’ Vic.