Bendigo ASBA 2012

It was a thrill to win The Late J.G. Guthrie Perpetual Cup for  the Most Successful Exhibitor and The Goxhill Perpetual Trophy for being Most Successful in the Shorn Class. Our August ram went on to win the Reserve Junior Champion Ram while the young ewe won the Junior Champion Ewe. Vassily Korneinko was visiting from Sweden and it was a great thrill for him to show this ewe and win the classes. The ribbons are now in Sweden! Our young team of one ram and two ewes under 1-1/2 years won their class and came 2nd in the Supreme Longwool Interbreed Group which is always a highlight of the show and Vassily was able to be a member of this team which made it a very exciting event.

Other Awards are as follows:

2nd Milk tooth ram

1st Ram under 1-1/2 years

1st Ram born after the 1st August

3rd  2 year old March Shorn ram

2nd 2 year old shorn ram

2nd shorn ram under 1-1/2 years

1st Ewe over 1-1/2 years and under 2-1/2 years

3rd Milk tooth ewe

1st & 2nd Ewe under 1-1/2 years

2nd Ewe born after the 1st August March shorn

1st Shorn Ewe over 1-1/2 years

 1st Corriedale Group of Four

1st & 2nd Group of one ram & 2 ewes under 1-1/2 years

3rd Ken Smith Memorial Trophy Progeny Group