Bendigo ASBA July 2011 

A big welcome to Geof Ruppert our wonderful friend from Pennsylvannia U.S.A.

Thankyou Geof for all the assistance given to our show team. It was great to have your assistance  with our young sheep that won the Supreme Australian Interbreed Longwool Group


Supreme Australian Interbreed Longwool Group                       

Most Successful Exhibitor Late J.G. Guthrie Perpetual Cup     

Senior Champion Ewe

Reserve  Senior Champion Ewe

Reserve Junior Champion Ram

Champion Shorn Sheep - The Roy Baker Trophy                                                                                         Supreme Longwool Interbreed group 2011

Victorian National Pairs- 2nd & 3rd Liberton                                                                           

Corriedale Group of Four - Liberton

Loddon Park Trophy: Group of  1Ram & 2 Ewes under 1-1/2 years
1st. Liberton   3rd Liberton

Ken Smith Memorial Trophy for Sires Progeny Group
1st Liberton 

 Ram over 1-1/2 years old and under 2-1/2 years                                                                  Reserve & Senior Champion Ewes ASBA 2011

 3rd Liberton                                                                                       

 Ram, under 1-1/2 years

1st Liberton 2nd Liberton   

Ram under 1-1/2 years old March shorn

1st Liberton  5th Liberton

Ram under 1-1/2 years old, closely and evenly machine                                                       shorn                                                                                                                                                    Liberton Sires Group 

1st Liberton

Ewe over 1-1/2 & under 2-1/2
1st Liberton  2nd Liberton

Ewe under 1-1/2   
1st Liberton and 3rd Liberton

Ewe over 1-1/2 years March Shorn
3rd Liberton

Ewe under 1-1/2 years March Shorn
 3rd Liberton

Ewe under 1-1/2 years closely and evenly shorn

 3rd Liberton   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Liberton K-130   Ram under 1-1/2 years old










2nd  Victorian National Pairs Liberton Z-329