Bendigo ASBA 2009

Liberton was the Most Successful Exhibitor for the third year in succession winning the J.F. Guthrie Cup.

This was an outstanding show for us as our Senior Champion Ewe won the Supreme Australian Longwool Exhibit and our stud also won the Supreme Australian Longwool Group (1 ram and 2 ewes under 1-1/2 years)


The ewe above 7C-4  was the Senior Champion Ewe, Grand Champion Ewe (Jill Savage Memorial Trophy)proudly wearing the New Zealand Sash

 and then the Supreme Australian Longwool Exhibit.

In 2008 7C-4 was the Junior Champion Ewe (Wahroonga Park Trophy)at Bendigo and Hamilton and Champion Ewe at Ballarat.

Her sire 4C-219 was Senior Champion Ram Bendigo 2006



Supreme Australian Longwool Group. The ram was the Reserve Junior Champion and the ewe in the middle 8T-81 was the Junior Champion Ewe and has since been Champion Ewe and Interbreed Champion Longwool Ewe at Ballarat and Junior Champion Ewe, Supreme Champion Ewe and Interbreed Longwool Champion Ewe at Hamilton. A wonderful effort for a milk tooth ewe.To gain entry to the Interbreed this group won the Loddon Park Trophy in the Corriedale classes.

Our thanks to Elders and Stock & Land for sponsoring the Interbreed Supremes at Bendigo ASBA 2009









On the left is another picture of the Supreme Australian Longwool Interbreed Group on the right is a photo of the Junior Champion Corriedale Ewe 8T -81    

                Photos courtesy  Wayne Jenkin and Stock & Land



Our Ewe Fleece was awarded the Champion Corriedale Fleece Exhibit




The Progeny Group consisting of three milk tooth rams sired by 7W-33 won

the Ken Smith Memorial Trophy.

Thank-you to the wonderful students from Woodleigh School, Chairo Christian College

and Elisabeth Murdoch College for their assistance.

Other Awards:

Reserve Junior Champion Ram

Loddon Park group of 1 Corriedale ram and 2 Corriedale ewes under 1-1/2 years

1st 56's 58's 2 year old ram

1st group of Four